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How does Community Supported Art (CSA) Valpo work? Just like with a farm CSA, you invest upfront in the program, and our artists receive a stipend to support them in creating new work just for this program. At the end of the season, you receive 8 pieces of original, local art at a fantastic price. We hope you’ll receive something you love, and/or will find an artist (or artists!) you’d like to purchase additional work from in the future. Our season preview exhibition is intended to give you an overview of the style and type of work each of that season’s 8 artists create. The benefits to YOU are:

Receive multiple works of art from local emerging and mid-career artists at a FANTASTIC value.
Develop relationships with local artist and the local art community.
Discover new artists and explore a variety of media/disciplines.
Support the careers of artists who live and work in your community.


Over the last 20 years, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) has become a popular way for consumers to buy seasonal food directly from local farms. With the same “buy local” spirit in mind, the Community Supported Art (CSA) Valpo project aims to support local art, artists and collectors. CSA Valpo is modeled on Community Supported Art in Minnesota, created by and Springboard for the Arts.
The goals of the CSA Valpo program are to support artists and to create an engaged community of local arts supporters. For artists, CSA Valpo provides support in the creation of new work and helps artists to establish relationships with local collectors and patrons. For art buyers, CSA Valpo Shareholder benefits include receiving multiple works of art from local emerging and mid-career artists at a fantastic value and the opportunity to develop relationships with the local artists and art community. We hope you will join us in the launch of this exciting new model of art support and distribution.
Our 2016-2017 season launched in November, sales have ended, and shares will be delivered to shareholders in May. You can meet this season’s artists here. Please join our mailing list below and be sure to follow us on Facebook. Questions? Check out our FAQ or send us an email!



Learn about the artists who live and work in your community.


Directly support the artists who make a living in the Valparaiso area.


Make a direct impact on building and sustaining the arts – an important  ingredient of a healthy, diverse, and vibrant community – in Valparaiso.


Build relationships with local artists and businesses, meet others who share your interests.

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