2017 Season Artists

The third season of CSA Valpo was a lot of fun, with a mid-season open studio event with our artists, hosted at Society Collection in Valparaiso.

Hand-dyed fabric with hand-stitched detail

Hand-dyed fabric with hand-stitched detail

Susan Atwell

Susan Atwell’s most recent work incorporates her own hand-dyed and hand-printed fabrics into freehand machine stitched and quilted pieces. This CSA opportunity has inspired her to more fully utilize her hand-printed fabrics and my newest hand dyed perle cotton threads. She will be both hand and machine stitching, using her favorite commercial variegated cotton threads as well. Markers, pencils, and chalk may also be used for creating detail.

Susan is a textile artist and instructor living in La Porte,  Indiana. She has a B.F.A. from Ball State University with a concentration in Textiles .

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Acrylic and pencil on plywood

Acrylic and pencil on plywood

Carrie Coslov

Carrie Coslov is an artist and art educator. She has been painting for many years; it is her preferred medium although she does enjoy experimenting with many materials, found objects, and collections of things. Carrie is fascinated by patterns and repetition. She paints in simple, flat applications although the colors are often bright, and likes to bring opposing ideas and materials together; natural and synthetic, rigid and soft, dark and light. 


Deanna Ehrhardt

Deanna Ehrhardt’s pieces for CSA are a series of small city/landscapes. These “Life’s Landscape” images are inspired by experiences she has encountered during her daily life, and incorporate watercolor, newspaper, photo transfer, collage, and ink.

Deanna is a full-time art teacher at Michigan City High School.

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Life's Landscape III,  newspaper and watercolor

Life's Landscape III, newspaper and watercolor

Hand-spun yarn and felted stones

Hand-spun yarn and felted stones

Brenda Hutchings

Brenda Hutchings was introduced to art by her mother, and stitching in 1976 when she had pneumonia and was out of school for three months. It has been a therapeutic art form for her ever since. Brenda’s formal education opened her eyes to the vast array of creating opportunities and the endless possibilities. Since college, she has attended various workshops in fantasy figure sculpture, dying, printing, and fiber.

Brenda holds a BA in graphic design from Columbia College, and is the owner of This Round House Fiber Farm and Creative Center in Valparaiso.

This Round House

Northern Flicker,  watercolor on paper adhered to canvas

Northern Flicker, watercolor on paper adhered to canvas

Kristina Knowski

Kristina Knowski is a watercolorist depicting primarily avifauna and is best known for her portfolio of extinct bird species. As an avid birder, Kristina prefers to work from life and spends most of her time sketching and researching species in the field. In working with extinct species, she visits the Bird Collections of the Field Museum and Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum to study from skins. She enjoys using observation, anatomical references, and specimens to examine these species with an acute attention to detail. By exploring these birds in both life and in death, she hopes to bring a remembrance and sense of dignity to these lost species.


Jillian Pancini

Jillian Pancini’s images are colorful and vivid with a heavy dependence on lines and composition. She tends to focus on non-human subjects. Wide, colorful landscapes from her travels are a preferred subject. Non-landscape photos tend to have a still quality.
Jillian captures her photos with either a digital slr camera, or 35mm film camera, on one of several types of film.

Jillian lives in Valparaiso, Indiana, with her husband and three children, whom she home schools. She has been doing photography since the age of 15, and has always had a tendency towards art; drawing, painting, and music. Jillian loves to travel and make photos of the great places she visits.



Robot Nightlife,  photograph

Robot Nightlife, photograph

Great Horned Owl,  linocut print

Great Horned Owl, linocut print

Michael Pancini

Michael Pancini takes his printmaking inspiration from Japanese woodblock prints, textile patterns, and antique book illustrations. He has been engaged in various artistic pursuits for as long as he can remember. He has been making relief prints for three years and painting in oils for two. Michael works full time as a graphic designer for a local beer distributor and lives in a 106-year-old house with his wife and three children in Valparaiso.

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Cynthia Wold

In the last few years Cynthia Wold hs been working in three distinct veins which are starting to weave together: mixed media collages, photographs created with toy cameras, and looking into secret worlds by using microscopes to photograph what she sees.

Cynthia has an MFA in Visual Design and a BFA in Fine Arts from University of Oregon, has exhibited her work throughout the country as well as abroad, and has taught at the Maryland College of Art and the Cleveland Institute of Art.


What Color are Your Eggs, Mom?  mixed media

What Color are Your Eggs, Mom? mixed media