Information for Shareholders

I don’t live in Valpo. Can I buy a share?
Yes, you can! The CSA Valpo project is based in Valparaiso, but aims to support the arts throughout Northwest Indiana. We welcome shareholders from all over!

Where does the money I pay for a share go?
Most of the money goes directly to the CSA artists in the form of a stipend to support the creation of their art. A small portion is set aside to help pay for marketing, events, and administrative costs.

Can I find out ahead of time what will be in my art share?
Our season preview exhibition and shareholder “meet and greet” event are designed to introduce the public to our artists and the type of work they create. However, much in the same manner as a farm CSA, we can’t predict how the season will go or exactly what the output will be. For a very reasonable price you are getting a “sampler pack” of local art – we hope you will connect with an artist you love and buy more of their work in the future! We select a group of artists with an eye towards both quality and diversity of offerings. There is sure to be something you love in your art package!

When will shares go on sale? How much will they cost?
We plan to announce the 2018 artists in the first quarter of the year, with shares on sale sometime in the spring. Shares will again be priced at $175 plus tax. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list and follow us on Facebook  and Instagram so that we can keep you posted on events and other important info!