Jessica Haug

Jessica Haug was born in Plymouth, Indiana in 1983. She studied Fine Arts and Art History at Indiana University Kokomo while directing programs at Kirkendall Nature Center. Haug has exhibited around Indiana at Green Door Books, Promise You Art House, Sip Coffee House, Whitewater Valley Juried Show, IU Kokomo - Art Gallery, and Kirkendall Nature Center. In 2017, Haug was chosen by Highland Redevelopment Commission and Highland Main Street to receive a grant for an outdoor mural project. Jessica Haug works and resides, with her husband and 3 children, in Highland, IN.

Jessica will be creating a series of 50 painting and mixed media works on wood panel titled In Order Of Light and Nature. This series is meant to explore and define the relationships color and natural order and will build on her current body of work by expanding on natural themes that she has been focused on in previous and current work. She will also experiment with new painting techniques, materials and the implementation of scientific research and color theory. The idea for this series was inspired by the realization that her son is partially color blind. Jessica is fascinated by the idea that we all may see color differently. As she began to research color blindness, she says she was pulled back into her college color theory days, and started researching how light hits the cones in the eye and produces the color that we see. She has become fixated on the color spectrum and the speed at which each color appears in the eye (or to the brain), and then began to think about how color informs perception; we have learned responses to color. Animals and plants use color to communicate as
humans do. Color connects living things.


Apprehension, 2017
Gouache on Paper


Moth Wolf, 2017
Gouache on Paper


Water is Life,2015
Acrylic on Canvas