Nick Gloom

Residing in Hobart, Indiana, musician and visual artist Nicholas Gloom invites you to step into his realm of wonder and despair—a voyeuristic look at its inhabitants, their odd behaviors, and a perpetual search for an understanding of the world to which they are confined.

Nick has often envisioned a large series of small works in the vain of his “Gloomworld Funnies”. Gloomworld Funnies are small New Yorker comic strip style drawings with an emotive, relative, melancholy or thoughtful phrase scribbled onto the piece. Nick has recently started transforming some of the more popular black and white inked images into full color watercolor paintings. These have been very well received, and he plans to use the opportunity of CSA Valpo to create a large series of more detailed original oil paintings based on this idea.


Lightheaded, 2017
Oil on Canvas


Delete and Defeat, 2018
Acrylic on Canvas


The Denial, 2016
Oil on Canvas