Rachel Garastik

Rachel is a Midwest artist and current BFA student at Indiana University Northwest. Her two-dimensional work incorporates found images from vintage magazines and photographs of strangers as a way to explore themes of personhood and the vulnerability that comes with the wish to be remembered. Working with these images not only helps her establish a connection with the past but allows her to honor the images and provide them a space in which to be remembered. The sculptures Rachel creates are an attempt to reflect the Northwest Indiana region by utilizing salvaged wood, wire, and vegetation. In both she attempts to answer the questions, “what does it mean to be native to a particular place?” and, “do deep physical ties aid in being remembered?

For CSA Valpo, Rachel will be creating two-dimensional, hand cut collages using vintage magazines and
photographs found in local thrift stores throughout the region. Though the medium will remain the same as in her previous work, she would like to challenge herself with this opportunity to delve deeper into this region of the Midwest, visiting more local antique shops and choosing images and shapes that reflect the diversity, community, and heart she's come across since being born here. 


For Women Only, 2018


Fugue, 2018


The Other Day I Saw a 1-Year-Old With an iPad, 2018