"Being a part of the CSA was a great experience. The nature of the CSA project meant I had buyers waiting for my work ( a luxury for a fine artist, to be sure!) and that I had to create the largest series of prints I'd ever done. I've always loved printmaking, but have never been a fan of making editions. I was able to create a series of prints which were both part of an edition, and entirely unique, and that was quite fulfilling. Most of the artists chosen in the same season were new to me, and I was reminded once again that there are so many amazing artists working in our area, waiting to be discovered."

"I'm a big fan of CSA Valpo for many reasons. CSA Valpo reinvigorated a long-term project I've been working on, 50 of my regional neighbors are now collectors of my art, and, most of all, I finally felt a sense of community with fellow art-makers in Northwest Indiana. I work with artists on a daily basis, but our work is focused on education. CSA Valpo was a chance for me to be in community with others who were in the very act of their creative process. We all draw inspiration from each other, whether ideas or energy. Getting to see a poet, painter, jewelry maker, woodcutter, object-oriented, and concept-oriented artists in action was refreshing." 

"Being a CSA artist was a great experience for me.  For the piece I would contribute, I decided to make a linoleum cut.  I had not made one of those in many years, and the thought of challenging myself by making one in a large edition appealed to me.  I felt great pride in printing the edition and also felt new confidence in myself for future projects.  I have met a lot of new people through the CSA project and am grateful for the opportunity to bring art to the community through participation in this affordable portfolio."

I was new to Valpo & searching for an arts community when I found CSA Valpo in their first season. I applied to be one of that season’s eight artists and was accepted. CSA opened a world of art, friendships, and community that goes far beyond what I had hoped. The following year I purchased a share. I absolutely love my artwork and met fascinating artists in interesting venues that season. CSA is a win for all involved.